Breo iScalp Massager

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iPx7 Waterproof: Use it in the bath. Use it in the shower.

This Automatic, Rechagerable Scalp Massager is waterproof and wireless, so you can give yourself a Rejuvenating facial or body scrub.

- Anti-slip Grip for handle: RedDot Design Award, Ergonomics Hand Grip, no need to Worried about Slipping Away From Your Hand, Even Hair Washing.

- Double Massage Heads: 4 food grade Silicone massage grippers, each with 7 finger like Nodes, Liuthium battery powered, Concept of 3D massage knead omidirectional movement pressure to knead your stress and Pressure away.

- Mimics Six Kneading Skills: By mimicking 6 traditional massage skills - stretching, crimping, pushing, pulling, rubbing, and grabbing - the iScalp generates the feeling of being massaged by a professional therapist.

- The Breo Brain Massager Series Incorporates Modern Technology into Products to Bring Quality Massage Experience in Every Use, the Efficacy on Hair Growth, Headache, Migraines is NOT a Certain Conclusion.