Pure Rain Ionic Plus

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Ionic Plus shower head generates 421,000 negative ions/cc with its Patented shower plate. That is almost 10 times more than the Niagara falls. Negative ions are known to help enhance the immune system, increase oxygen in the blood, increase metabolism, reduce toxins and help protect against the harmful effects of chlorine on the skin. Furthermore, negative ions will help to reduce bacteria, odor, mold promoting a healthy bathroom experience.

Ionic Plus shower head is the perfect option if you are suffering from poor water pressure. It is the only shower head in the market that performs well for household with gravity-fed hot water system, instantaneous gas hot water system and rain water tank.

Product Features

  • Saves 30% or 36,000 litres of water per year
  • Increase water pressure by 3 times
  • Micro Fabric filter helps remove contaminants, rust, and floating particles
  • Spa Massage effect
  • Enjoy the benefits of negative ions (10 times more than a waterfall)
  • Negative ions keeps bathroom environment cleaner